What's the TableTop ArtShow? It’s this awesome, totally one-of-a-kind art exhibition that happens every March. Let me give you the lowdown on how this whole shebang got started.

So, picture this: Melissa Flint and Brian Kemp are shooting the breeze, brainstorming like mad scientists. They’re thinking, “How can we bring some artsy goodness to the people during the crazy times of COVID?” Galleries are shut tight, nowhere to show off cool art. But then, a light bulb moment! Melissa goes, “Why not slap it on place mats?” And just like that, boom, the TableTop ArtShow is born!

Here’s the scoop: artists can submit up to 3 pieces of their awesome creations. No charge to enter, correct, it's FREE.  All the submissions get showcased in a virtual gallery online for the whole wide world to see. Then, our yearly featured judge picks the cream of the crop - 15 pieces to strut their stuff on the walls of Eli Fish Brewing in Downtown Batavia. Talk about prime real estate!

But wait, there’s more! We’re talking prizes, folks. The top dogs from those 15 chosen pieces snag some sweet rewards for their talent. Plus, those lucky pieces get double exposure - they also get featured on snazzy place-mats displayed in local restaurants all month long. It’s like your art gets to be the star of its own culinary show!

And hey, mark your calendars for February 27th, 2024, 'cause that’s when the opening reception goes down at Eli Fish Brewing. There’s even a People's Choice Award up for grabs, so you can vote for your fave while sipping on a cold one.

Now, here’s where you come in. Wanna be part of the action? Swing by a participating restaurant in March and feast your eyes on the creativity on display. If you’re an artist yourself, or you know someone with mad skills, why not throw your hat in the ring and submit some pieces? Deadline’s January 31st, so don’t dilly dally!

And hey, if you’re feeling extra generous, we’re always on the lookout for sponsors to help make this shindig a reality. Community support makes all the difference, so big thanks in advance!

So there you have it, folks. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and fun at the TableTop ArtShow this March. See you there! 🎨✨